From the Journal of Tiffany Winfrey

I'm feeling so excited, thankful and blessed. Let me tell you why, from having a horrible, down day of feeling attacked by the devil, I was on the phone with my bestie (love her to pieces) and she said to me "Tiffany, use this as motivation to push harder and FIGHT, this is a sign to continue your dream". See, we get these moments in our lives where the enemy is so strong, we ask God "WHY"? "Why ME Lord"? Incapable of seeing the possibility in a negative situation, we then fall victim into speaking negativity on our lives and the negative experiences continues to happen. That night, from an horrible day of tears, hurt and pure frustration, I went home, I prayed, I read Psalms and wrote down an additional goal; to also be known as an AMAZING speaker that not only teaches the importance of branding but also touches lives. I know we have this spark in all of us but spend 20, 30, 40+ years never having the courage to just jump. So, here I was 10:00 at night, no longer angry or focusing on the bad day I previously had but focusing on tomorrow. Focusing on my future. Envisioning my growth and envisioning the change. From that moment I chose to speak positivity and believe that God would fight whomever and whatever was attacking me. I tell you, not even 2 days later I was contacted to speak at an amazing event in New York City! ( No one even knows how much this touched me. After our phone call that day, I did the craziest praise dance lol. Stomping and flapping my arms around like a hot mess lol, because I see where he's moving me. I literally wrote the goal down the SAME week I was contacted. How is that possible? "Oh, Tiffany it was just a coincidence" LOL No, I truly believe that we are the ones to manifest our lives. I truly believe that if you stop focusing on what's going WRONG in your life and shift that energy to positive thinking and speaking out to God (or whoever, whatever you choose to speak to) about your dreams and moving into action, it will COME. I know it's hard, bills not getting paid, you hate your job, you and your spouse fighting, I get it. But, somewhere amongst your day, ignite that spark of positivity, that spark of faith, that spark of action to FIGHT (you need action) and believe things will change. Then from there, wait and watch God, the universe, people around you, you will get your change. Blessings!

Tiffany Winfrey