7 Things You Could Do While Saving For Your Website


Congrats on your new business! I’m always excited for my clients during their new business ventures. So let me guess, you feel anxious and stressed out because you feel like you need a website and ALL this stuff but you haven’t started making much (if any) money yet? I get it.

But, did you know there are things you could do in the mean time that’ll prepare and propel you towards reaching that goal of having your own website?


Here are some quick easy action steps you could be taking today in the mean time while you wait to gather funds for your website.


1.)  Build Your Online Presence - First find a Social Media Platform that you enjoy and you know your ideal customers/clients are located on.  Be consistent with your postings. Rotate between posting funny, personal, informational, and portfolio-based content. Ensure that you are engaging with your audience on a daily basis as well.

2.)  How will you get paid? How will you manage your funds? – Create your invoicing account, etc so you’d be ready to take any payments. Stripe, Paypal, Square, there are so many options out there. Also open up Excel and create your budget NOW. Write down how you’d allocate each sale you make. Some money should be put away for taxes, savings, profit, and paying yourself. Who doesn’t like to get paid?! Make the conscious effort now to start thinking of your Business Budget.

3.) Work on your About Us and Bio page – You don’t need to wait until the domain is purchased to create this content. Trust me, you’d feel overwhelmed if you do. Set time aside to write about your business, what makes it special and what solution does it provide for your clients/customers. Also, have your personal bio prepared as well. This process will also help you create an amazing elevator pitch; trust me it’s needed.

4.)  When posting online, hashtag your first/last name in your social media posts- Eventually you’d have your first and last name on your website in the bio, but why wait? Start doing this on any social media platform you choose. It will create “name recognition” for your audience; also you’d start building content for Google. Remember that behind an amazing brand is the owner that people know of and feel connected to. Don’t sell yourself short.

5.)  Build Your Email List – Why wait for a website to have email leads? You do not need a website to send newsletters, but you do need email addresses. Mailchimp is easily integrated with Facebook. Do you have a Business Facebook page? If so, create a tab on your Business Facebook page for your Newsletter sign up form. You can start gathering leads and pushing out Monthly newsletters before your website has been created. The awesome part in this is once you do launch you’d have a whole list of people to email and send the traffic to your site. Grand Opening Hello!

6.)  Gather testimonials/reviews now, you will need those for your website.  You can create a survey through any of these free Form sites. I personally use Google Forms. Create a survey and email to all your past clients/customers. At the end of the survey make sure you have a space for them to write a testimonial in that you can post on your social media account as well as save for your website.

7.)  Have Professional Pictures Taken – be it your headshot, or professional pictures of your items or you in your work environment. The goal is for your website to look and feel as professional as possible.

Sometimes in life we have these goals and all we want is to reach that goal. But when we reach it, we’re encountered with a whole new stress because we weren’t prepared. Whitney Young once quoted

With that being said, start preparing today, nothing is stopping you.

Tiffany Winfrey