Are you the dream client every designer longs for? Or are you the dreadful client no one really cares to work with. Just a pain in the…you know what.

Well, here’s my 6 TIPS that will help you differentiate where you stand.

6 TIPS I advise all clients should be following when working with a designer for creative services.

First, let me say that all freelance designers has a dream client and a dreadful client and within a few conversations we usually can tell immediately which category they fall in. Don’t be the dreadful client, it just makes the process costly, long and DREADFUL.

I just completed a branding project for Sharon, the owner of We Care Credit Repair (www.wecarecreditrepair.org). Sharon was my dream client. Here’s why.


1.)    KNOW YOUR BUSINESS – Sharon knew before she contacted me what services she wanted. She was able to describe her business effectively, she had a name, her target audience and a few ideas of how she wanted her logo to be. – I advise all clients prior to contacting a designer, it’s ok if you’re a little lost in your direction but please at least have an idea of a business name, what your business does and your targeted audience. If you haven’t put any thought into this first, please STOP before proceeding to think LOGO.

2.)    DO YOUR RESEARCH, KNOW WHAT MAKES YOUR BUSINESS DIFFERENT: Sharon had researched other businesses similar to her own and had a list of what made her business different. – It’s best to be able to tell a designer what makes your business different. It helps depict this message to your audience when designing your brand and or website.

3.)    KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE/DISLIKE: Sharon told me what colors and fonts she liked, she had a vision of how the logo should grab her potential client and she stated that she definitely wanted the color red – It’s ok if you don’t know exactly what colors to use, but it is helpful in telling us as designers, what catches your eye and/or what makes you cringe. This step is easier if you research other businesses similar to your own and write down things you like and don’t like.

4.)    REVIEW IN A TIMELY FASHION: After completing her logo, Sharon provided reviews the SAME DAY. – Ugh this is the worse part. Sending someone a logo concept and it takes them 2 days to a week to actually send back a review. Clients do not realize that the process moves by the speed of their involvement as well. The quicker the response in review, the quicker we can revise and present back to the client and reach the desired look. A LOGO shouldn’t take 8 weeks to create. It just shouldn’t.

5.)    HAVE EVERYTHING READY FOR YOUR WEBSITE: Once Sharon’s branding portion was complete we moved to the web design service. I told Sharon what I needed prior to starting this portion of the package. Guess what? She delivered and MUCH more, over 24 emails worth of information for her site. I organized the emails into folders and was able to create the site with ease. As a designer, we cannot design a website without YOUR business information, (pictures, services offered, pages desired). All this should be well written, grammatically checked and reviewed prior to send to the designer.

6.)    PAY ON TIME: When I sent Sharon the final invoice, she paid immediately. – No designer likes having to chase a client down for final payment. We’re not bill collectors (well in this instance hmmm maybe we are). It’s respectful and courteous to pay your final invoice within a timely fashion. This helps the designer move on to other projects in their queue as well as celebrate with you of the launch your spanking new well branded business.

So now you have it, my top 5 recommendations that will make any client be that dream client.

1.)    Know your business

2.)    Be willing to do research

3.)    Ability to describe your likes/dislikes

4.)    Review in a timely fashion

5.)    Have all information ready to go prior to web design start date

6.)    Pay your invoice on time

NOW, which one are you, dream or dreadful?


- Tiffany -