From the Journal of Tiffany Winfrey

I'm feeling so excited, thankful and blessed. Let me tell you why, from having a horrible, down day of feeling attacked by the devil, I was on the phone with my bestie (love her to pieces) and she said to me "Tiffany, use this as motivation to push harder and FIGHT, this is a sign to continue your dream". See, we get these moments in our lives where the enemy is so strong, we ask God "WHY"? "Why ME Lord"? Incapable of seeing the possibility in a negative situation, we then fall victim into speaking negativity on our lives and the negative experiences continues to happen. That night...

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7 Things You Could Do While Saving For Your Website

Congrats on your new business! I’m always excited for my clients during their new business ventures. So let me guess, you feel anxious and stressed out because you feel like you need a website and ALL this stuff but you haven’t started making much (if any) money yet? I get it.

But, did you know there are things you could do in the mean time that’ll prepare and propel you towards reaching that goal of having your own website?

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5 Lessons I Learned My First Year of Business

Wow, a year in business already!! My, my, my how time has flown on by. Today, January 4th not only marks my 33rd Birthday but my One Year Anniversary of T. Smiles Design, Inc. My year in business honestly had its ups and downs. Read on as I share with you my TOP 5 lessons learned within my first year of business!

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So, I'm super thankful for being a guest on Adrian Nantchev's Podcast! Adrian is located all the way in the U.K. and he found lil ol me on Instagram. 🤗🤗☺️☺️#Godisgood.

Listen to my story as I speak with Adrian on how I got to where I am today and the obstacles I went through.

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Your Guide to Event Branding - Maintaining Your Brand While Hosting an Event

I love branding an event. Something about branding the save the dates to the banners and seeing it all come into play that I completely love. Event branding is important, it’s your opportunity to have a clean, cohesive brand that brings further awareness to your audience. Event branding starts from the moment you put out your “Save the Date” flyers to the moment your audience leaves the venue. It’s all about maintaining truth, staying true to your brand, the theme, the mission, the message, the look, the feel.

Listed below are 5 EASY TIPS to ensure your event is well branded and stays consistent.

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Benefits of Loving What You Do....

Less than a year,  of being in business, I've felt myself change. I feel free, I'm happier, vibrant, I walk with a little skip lol and I wake up looking forward to my day. There's some great benefits in loving what you do be it within your career at your dream company or within your business, the love and happiness creates a different you and others feel it too!

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Hi, I’m Tiffany and I’m a recovering obsessive doubter. It took me FOUR years to put T. Smiles Design out here for you to see. Why? Well,  because, I was once in a major war with FEAR. I call it my Four Year War. Four years of self-doubt, fear, excuses and major hesitation.

You ever noticed a 2 year old play? They’re the most fearless creatures. But the older we get, the more we think, the more powerful our enemy Fear becomes. Why is that? Why do we sit and think so much rather than do?

Here’s a list of 5 fears a new business owner may face and ways to overcome them.

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Are you the dream client every designer longs for? Or are you the dreadful client no one really cares to work with. Just a pain in the…you know what?

Well, here’s my 6 TIPS that will help you differentiate where you stand. 6 TIPS I advise all clients should be following when working with a designer for creative services.

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I want the best for you.  I want the best for your business. I know just gathering the courage to start a business is frightening alone, then to think about logos and brands, your audience…at some point it becomes overbearing right?

Well, let me help you. Here are my 4 top tips that I’m sure will not only make the branding process smoother but also ensure that your business’s first impression is received well to your customers.

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